Virus / malware detection
and computer 'Health Check'


It is a sad fact that computer viruses are rampant - if you use e-mail and the internet, you must protect your computer. SoHo Computer Solutions is a Symantec Software Partner. Symantec produce the industry standard Norton Anti-Virus and Norton Internet Security programs. Although we recommend Symantec products for both both home and business users, we will assist you with whatever anti-virus/security program you have and help you to aquire good habits to keep your system safe - the important thing, whatever program you are using, is that you keep it up to date!

Health Check:

Computer problems are often the result of poor maintenance. A cleanup of unused programmes, unecessary files, etc. can almost always improve performance dramatically; removal of dust build-up inside a desktop PC can prolong it's life; virus and malware checks can reveal hidden bugs that interfere with programmes, etc.

A thorough diagnostic check of equipment can reveal faults such as bad memory modules, a failing hard-drive, or a dead DVD/DVD-RW drive, all of which are significantly cheaper to replace than a whole computer.

Don't just buy a new PC! Call us & tell us what is wrong - we may be able to save you serious money!