Internet and Email

Changing your broadband supplier and not sure what company you should choose? Looking for fibre optic service? Call us for totally independent advice.

Worried about security? We have solutions:

  • Hardware & software Firewall setup
  • Antivirus and antispyware software installation


We provide solutions for network servers as well as home users:

  • MS Outlook, Gmail, webmail,etc
  • Mail Server setup - MS Exchange, VPOP3, etc
  • Hosted MS Exchange - we love this affordable and excellent way to get email - call us for advice

We can get you up & running in no time. We can teach you the basics of e-mail backup and all sorts of tricks with Outlook. Why not book a one-to-one lesson with us? A couple of quality hours with an expert can cut through confusion and give you the confidence to continue on your own.

Online Backup:

We can advise on solutions for backing up your data to the cloud - for affordable and easy online backup call us to discuss your needs. We do not provide this service but have experience with a number of companies and can advise you according to your needs and budget.

Don't forget: if you use the internet, you must have a good anti-virus programme installed on your system & keep it constantly updated! Best practice: Use a ROUTER [modem-router or cable router] that gives you some HARDWARE FIREWALL protection!