IT support and IT 'Rescue'

Could you benefit from regular computer help? Is your equipment old with constant problems? Do you need to re-think and re-plan your IT infrastructure? Many small organisations, especially charity and community group offices, cannot afford dedicated IT staff and, as a result, can find computer-related problems getting out of hand.

Here is a common scenario we have found many times:

At some point, an individual worker who was 'good with computers' has taken responsibility for PCs, looking after problems. That worker leaves. No one else quite knows what she or he did or what was left undone. One day, something strange starts happening to Word files. Maybe there is a virus, but how to find out? Next, the printer doesn't work, or the internet connection packs up, etc. Sound familiar?

No one knows where the manuals for the PCs are, no one remembers what happened to the software CDs, no one knows if there is anti-virus software installed, if it works, how to update it, and so on. A well-meaning friend tries to help out and things get worse.

In the middle of this, a major funding application is due for submission and time is of the essence. Chaos with the computers, the application is late, and the stress level is off the scales.

We can help

SoHo Computer Solutions can offer regular part-time IT Support contracts for any length of time, custom-made to suit the particular requirements of your organisation. Here is an example of a contract scenario:

Phase One:

  • we bring order to computer-related chaos by one-off initial documentation of each PC in the office, providing precise information about hardware, software, manuals, licences, etc. for each PC
  • we get each PC into good condition with a health check & clean-up
  • we advise about & carry out upgrades

Phase Two:

  • recommendations are made for regular maintenance
  • user skills and interest in IT maintenance tasks are assessed
  • a plan is devised, through consultation, to keep PCs regularly maintained, upgraded and replaced, when & if necessary (with new or refurbished units)
  • Contingency plans are made for emergencies & put into the contract

Phase Three:

SoHo visits regularly e.g 2, 3, 4 hours weekly or monthly to carry out regular tasks for example:

  • hard drive maintenance
  • backups & verification
  • anti-virus maintenance
  • general hardware monitoring
  • clean PCs & peripherals as necessary
  • emergencies are dealt with as required

This is only a typical example of simple IT Support contract options - call us for an informal chat about what you think you might need to get your office IT issues organised. We can work out a plan to suit your needs as well as your budget.