Hardware solutions

A memory, processor, or hard drive upgrade can be a relatively inexpensive way to turn your last year's PC into a last-month's model. A new graphics card may speed up programmes, for example, and make computing a pleasure, even for the reluctant. Noisy fans & power supplies, malfunctioning DVD/DVD-RW drives are just some of the components that are often easily replaceable and relatively inexpensive.

We can give you sound advice on purchasing new and used desktops and laptops & we can undertake most upgrades.


We undertake repairs to laptops and desktop PCs. Don't bin it - Let us fix it!


If you use the internet, you need a hardware Firewall - this is an essential security investment. The right kind of ADSL modem /router can give even home users adequate protection; an office network should be using a dedicated firewall. HArdware-based Firewall solutions start at around £75.

Protect your data, your identity, your family and your buiness - SoHo will find the right solution for you.

Wireless Access Points

We supply and set up wireless networks and access points - call us to discuss your needs.

Other peripherals

  • Printers:
    We do some printer servicing and can arrange for complex jobs to be carried out as necessary.
  • Computer monitors:
    We do not service computer monitors, but can arrange repairs as necessary.
  • Other office equipment:
    We don't service photo-copiers or fax machines, but may suggest where to get help.